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New! The first Voxx Therapy Medical Compression Sock.

Class I 20-30 mmHg graduated compression sock in a knee-high length.

Beyond the benefits of medical grade compression, each sock is embedded with VoxxLife HPT (Human Performance Technology).
And they look great making them easy to add to your day-to-day wardrobe.

Graduated Compression socks and hosiery can assist in the prevention, management and treatment of the many stages of venous insufficiency.

Pain Relief
Moderate compression in the lower leg area helps decrease venous pressure, prevents venous stasis and impairments of venous walls, relieves heavy and aching legs.

Edema/Blood-flow Assistance
Controlled compression applied to the surface veins, arteries and muscles assist to force circulating blood through narrower channels.
Arterial pressure is increased, which causes more blood to return to the head and less blood to pool in the feet.

A 20-30mmHg compression level is referred to as Class I, or as Firm Support, and is used to assist in the treatment of moderate swelling (edema), varicose veins, DVT, post-sclerotherapy and for the prevention of venous stasis ulcers.

Key Features

• Embedded VOXX HPT technology for increased overall muscular strength, balance,

  flexibility and stamina.

• Graduated Compression 12-30 mmHg Sock has Class I medical compression level

• Soft Cushioning for feet

• Extra padding on the toes and heels for high impact areas

• Arch support to keep the socks nice and snug against the foot

• Moisture wicking to keep the feet dry

• Antibacterial to fight odor

Available in 2 colours: Black and Charcoal Grey

Choice of 4 sizes (M,L,XL,XXL)

Please refer to the sizing and measurement instruction chart (above).

Fabrics ... 
86% Nylon / 13% Spandex / 1% Polyester - These materials work together to offer a higher level of durability, compression and stability.

Manufactured in a MD and FDA certified facility.

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