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All purchases are for digital "download recordings".  You will be taken automatically to the download page as soon as your payment is processed.  You can pay with PayPal or most major credit cards.

Weight Mgmt

Portion Sizes!

Food management is the cornerstone of reaching and staying at your ideal weight.

Start by eating the right foods, at the right time and in the right amounts.

If you have the desire to reach your ideal weight then this is a great place to start.

Weight Mgmt - Portion Sizes - HBG

Ocean Waves

10 MINUTES - mp3


What you should know

about SUBLIMINAL recordings.

  1. Subliminal communication is targeted towards the subconscious mind and because the subconscious never rests we can listen to subliminal records during the day or evening and while we sleep.

  2. However the most effective way and time to listen is while you are awake and listening through an "over the ear" headset.

  3. As most of our recordings include binaural waves, to relax the mind, you should use earphones for them to take effect. There is a wave called isochronic wave which we also normally include that has the same effect but doesn't need earphones. The purpose of these waves are to assist you in relaxing your mind, making it easier for the affirmation to be accepted.

  4. Change and the speed at which change takes place varies from person to person, for best results expect subtle gradual changes over a period of time.

  5. For best result listen for approx. 1 hour throughout the day.  As our recordings range in length from 5 to 12 minutes each you would listen to the same one numerous times throughout the day to reach the 1 hour.  The exception is the Easy Sleep recording which is reported to be very effective when listened to just before bedtime (note - especially in the beginning you can listen to it more often throughout the day to relax and prepare your mind to anticipate an improved sleeping pattern).

  6. The recordings listed for sale here are general in nature ... CUSTOM recordings are available based on your current circumstances and issues.  To find out more or request a consultation please contact me through this site outlining your request.  It's best to focus on one issue and one recording at a time.

  7. Subliminal recordings, although powerful in what they can accomplish, are best used in conjunction with other forms of therapy such as Hypnosis, Psycho Therapy and Psychiatric Therapy.  For example in my Therapeutic Hypnosis practice I often supplement hypnosis sessions with related subliminal recordings.

  8. Don't listen to subliminal recordings when operating a car or any kind of heavy machinery or performing any kind activity involve risk or in situations where you need to be alert. 

  9. If you have EPILEPSY - do not use any of these subliminal recordings as they include  isochronic and binaural waves designed to relax the subconscious and have proven to be potentially harmful to anyone with EPILEPSY.

  10. Feel free to contact me through this website with any other questions or concerns.  Thank you.

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