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NICOLE .... Lloydminster

Subject: ANXIETY and STRESS ...

I didn't know what I was getting myself into the day I met Gary and had my initial visit with him.


My councilors had helped me grasp tools/concepts that I use daily. 


Gary took all that visual and emotional trauma I endured for decades and have been working on in therapy for years and in a half hour hypnotherapy session I was relieved of all physical pain, emotions, thoughts and anger that went with my trauma. 


I knew he wasn't going to make me cluck like a chicken but I didn't know I would or could ever feel like my old self again.


Thank you Gary!!!



Subject: ANXIETY and STRESS ...


Just dropping a note to say thanks so much.  Learning this tapping technique saved my life, my anxiety is no longer off the charts. My stress level is so much more manageable.  I have learned I can’t save the world, and tapping when i need to helps me to stay sane and calm.  Thanks again Gary you changed the colour of my sky.


Cheers to a better 2022


Cory S.


Subject: ANXIETY and STRESS ...


Gary Barone you are the best at what you do… I went to you for help with stress, anxiety and pain as I went through 2 breast cancer surgeries.


Chemo, Radiation treatments where very difficult but your treatments and tapping help me get through them and stay positive.


Thank you so much all the best in your practice.



Bobbie C.

N.O.P.E. Club ...
"Not One Puff - EVER..!"

Carolyn C. -  "NOPE to Smoke"


Hi Gary:  I just realized I hadn’t checked in lately.  That is because I forget that I ever smoked (most of the time!) and therefore do not need to discuss it!!! 


All is great – thanks again. 




Carolyn C. - "NOPE to Smoke"


Hypnosis is the way to go!!!  I had tried everything else on the market, over many years, then Gary hypnotised me into stopping. 


I feel so free and proud of myself for finally finding the key to quitting, and wish I had realised smoking as a neurological problem sooner. 


Thanks Gary



Niki Prince's review of Habit Be Gone

Gary helped me to quit smoking through hypnosis. I had tried and tried, but failed when I was working with will power alone. 

I did knew how bad smoking was for my health, but that information couldn't stop me from picking up that next cigarette. 

I am still not quite sure what I was getting out of smoking, but I liked it.


I was a smoker for 20 years, and 1 session with Gary I was a non-smoker. 

There was still a mild craving that would pass through, or the thought of a cigarette when you had some time you didn't know what to do with. 

When I had tried to quit before on my own the cravings were overwhelming and I would always turn back to a cigarette. 

30 cigarettes a day to none, your going to have some spare time, and its amazing what you can get done when you don't have something controlling you and pulling you away. 

Thank you Gary and YEAH for me I'm finally Free.

No More Diets ...


Just better choices!

Libby C. 

You no doubt expected this but I never even dreamed it! 


Barring the last 2 years, I have spent my life fighting weight gain. 


Over these "off-again-gained back-again" years and with Type 1 and 2 Diabetes rampant in the family, I have learned what I should and should not eat, the quantity my metabolism can handle, the amount and type of exercise that my body requires to function at its best etc. etc. 


The problem has been that 50% of the time I would pay absolutely no attention to what I know!  


THEN 2 years ago I took part in one of your  group sessions.  We were all told to focus on what we each wanted to change -improve etc.


Three months later I was delighted in my weight loss and I was aware that I had been living the way I should - I was listening to the inner voice and EUREKA I was not arguing with it - I was agreeing with it.


Six more months passed.  I had lost the 15 lbs that needed to go and now I had lots of energy and it was then that I realized that this had worked ALMOST by itself  -  the only change in my effort to live a more healthy life was  my session with you Gary Barone.- well done


Gary and why the Hell did you not do this years ago - and thank you.

Sleep Interrupted ...

Gillian S. 


Oh my goodness!!!!!!


I am over the moon.  15 years of interrupted sleep then I listen to you and your subliminal recording with Thunder Storm and I sleep.


Fantastic!!!  I have slept every night for 7-8 hours without waking up. I cannot believe it.  Woohoo!  Gary, who are my hero!


I am passing along your contact info to a friend of mine she has many issues – stress, over eating.  I told her about you and she asked for your contact info.


Thanks again Gary. 

Anger Management ...


Don't let people or situations take control!

Darren T

Subject: Re: Anger Management...


Well so far so good.  I was angry a bit while in the shower this morning but shook it off completely.  Having a pretty good day.  


It looks like it’s working with great results :). 


Huge Thanks to you!!



Natalie T. 

When I first met with Gary he immediately made me feel at ease and comfortable.


After a couple of sessions, the results have truly been life changing.


He has helped me cope with my anxiety and OCD in a healthy and positive way and has also given me the tools to continue living a healthy and happy life.


I would definitely recommend Gary, in fact I have!


Thank you Gary!


Jessica T.    "NOPE to Dope!"








I was a heavy marijuana smoker for 7 years, smoking 10+ times a day and feeling as if I had no way out.


My boyfriend suggested hypnosis as he knew a couple friends who had successfully quit smoking cigarettes after a few sessions. 


I was eager to try something that was 100% natural, involving no medications or medical assistance. 


I had some anxiety leading up to the first session but left feeling AMAZING!


My intentions to quit plus the hypnosis offered by Gary allowed to break a habit I had for my whole adult life. 


The session was relaxing, comfortable and an overall interesting experience.


I am so happy to say my life is marijuana free, with no cravings or anxiety left over..... all thanks to Gary and his hypnosis!


A great, natural way to break any habit and regain your confidence.


I would and have recommended his services to friends and family who struggle with any habit or issue they cannot get a hold of. 


Thanks Again Gary!!

Jessica, 25 yrs old. 


Mike M.


I've been meaning to email you to thank you for your efforts with Jessica.  


Thus far I feel she has done very well with quitting this habit and I must say I'm very proud of her and the way she has coped with this change in her and her life.


This has made me a believer in hypnosis... I can see why you felt the same and got into it as a career.


The first session I thought you did great... It was a very cool experience for me personally to sit and watch.


Jessica told me with session 2 she again thought you were great and again she expressed that the experience was comfortable and relaxing.


Thanks again Gary!


Mike M.

Now making
Better Choices

Jackie E.


Came to me wanting to lose weight and be motivated to exercise, particularly walking as she hated it..!  She was very skeptical and somewhat of a control freak (her words not mine). 


She sent this email the following morning


Last night I went home and had a small steak and vegetables.  


Normally after about an hour I want an ice cream bar…so I went and got one just to make sure I could have one if I wanted (testing the waters).


I was very surprised, I took 2 bites and threw it away, and I had to push myself to get it in the first place because the thought of the ice cream was way, way, way back in my mind, it only came into my thought because I wanted to see if I could make myself think about it.


So far I find it very amazing and weird and I think it will work. 


Jackie E.


She sent the following Text Message …


Omg I just walked for exactly 1/2 an hour without any whining - like what the hell..!

Bob W. 


Gary hypnotized me in June 2012 with the sole purpose of helping me with weight reduction. At that time, I weighed about 215 pounds. In December 2012, I weighed in at 193 pounds, the weight I continue to maintain. 


I lost in the order of 22 pounds in about 6 months. During this time, I wasn't dieting per se, but rather watching portion size and what kinds of food I was eating. 


Hypnotism set me on a path to healthy and wise eating habits, for which I am grateful.


215 lbs


193 lbs

Darren T


Subject: Re: My lack of anger...


Still very calm no matter of situation I feel great.


I finally like myself instead of hating myself.

Thanks again


Darren T 


Subject: Re: My lack of anger...


Good day Gary

Well still no anger and I'm happier than I've ever been.

Thanks again



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