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​​Personal Services ...

  1. Anxiety

  2. Fear of Dentists

  3. Habits - Good & Bad

  4. Pain Management

  5. Personal Development

  6. Procrastination

  7. Phobias and Fears

  8. Sales Mentoring & Training

  9. Self Confidence

  10. Self Image

  11. Sleep Improvements

  12. Stop Smoking

  13. Stress Management

  14. Weight Loss and Weight Control

  15. and much, much more!

​​Corporate Services ...

  1. Executive Mentoring

  2. Performance Enhancement

  3. Sales Mentoring

  4. Sales Training - Account Executives

  5. Sales Training - Tele Marketing

  6. Customized Programs to Meet Whatever You Need!

  • We are physically now located in and offer "in person" sessions in the Lloydminster, AB area.

  • For the rest of Canada and the USA we offer our services via SKYPE ....

  • No Skype account necessary.  


Your success is our success and your satisfaction is guaranteed..!


Once we take on your "project for change" we will continue as long as the client stays motivated to and committed to change through Hypnosis or other services we offer.


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