How Did I Get Here..?

How do I get back to Here ..?

The following applies to all ages and physical condition ... if you want to lose weight and get in better shape, read on!


For the most part we gain weight and get less active as we age … one day we wake up and realize that we are not happy with the condition of our body or our weight.


  1. “How did we get here” …

  2. “How did we allow ourselves to slide so far”..!

  3. “Can we get back” …

  4. “How can we get back” …


We know that it’s more difficult to lose weight as we get older and unfortunately, it's more difficult for women than it is for men. 


It’s more difficult to exercise and develop or maintain our physical fitness as we get older.  It’s more difficult to change our habits as we get older… or is it!


Does it really have to be that way?  Certainly there are some very real limitations that come with aging but are they really as severe as we think or is our frame of mind the real issue?


  1. The answer to question 1 is actually quite simple - GRADUALLY!  Over time we developed and maintained bad habits in our subconscious.

  2. The answer to question 2 is also simple - we lied to ourselves, we kept saying “we’ll start our diet or exercise program tomorrow" and we all know tomorrow never comes, right!

  3. The answer to number 3 is … of course you can!  You won’t get back your youth, but you can “become the best that you can be!”  

  4. The answer to number 4 is really simple … take ACTION!

Whatever path you decide to take - join a group, change your eating habits, use Hypnosis, join a gym, walking, running, biking or combinations of same … the key factor is always the same … take ACTION! 


Decide on a path and take the necessary action you need to take to create good habits, better habits and replace all those bad habits once and for all.





So get going, don't put it off another minute, hour or day ... make some decisions on what works best for you and start creating that new you, today!

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