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Corporate health starts with individual health, skills and knowledge... and continues through personal development.


  • Sales and Customer Service Development

  • Sales and Customer Service Training

  • Motivation and Call to Action

  • Stop Smoking

  • Weight Loss

  • Stress and Anxiety

  • Procrastination

  • ... the list goes on and on!

We’re all very much aware that as individuals we should work on minimizing our bad habits and emphasize good healthy habits. 
Of course we often don’t do what we know we should and this is when hypnosis, which has been recognized by the American Medical Association since the early 50’s, is used to help us physically and mentally overcome issues, develop good habits and develop or improve both personal and work related skills.
More and more companies are recognizing that to be a healthy company you have to have healthy, productive and skilled employees. 
They also recognize that subsidizing programs to help their employees Lose Weight, Stop Smoking, deal with Stress, deal with Anxiety, etc. are cost effective programs which have a very real payback in health benefits costs, absenteeism and productivity improvements.
Hypnosis is now used to improve Sales and Customer Service results … as a Sales Trainer I realized that the conventional courses all deal with the basic structures of selling but don’t deal with the mental aspect …
that part which can increase sales results and customer satisfaction dramatically.
Each Corporate program is designed specifically to meet the needs of each company … so contact me for your free program development consultation.!

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