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Save 20%!  NOW ONLY ...$199.00

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Recording(s) ...

More than just music ... music may work ok for those patients who are not really nervous but by adding a hypnotic introduction and subliminal messaging we help those nervous to fearful clients to have a more positive experience.

As a Certified Hypnotist I provide a 5 minute induction designed to calm and relax the patient preparing them for the subliminal recording and their procedure.

This 5 minute recording can be listened to in the waiting room before they see the Dentist or Hygienist or when they first sit in the dental chair.

Next the subliminal recording (approx. 47 minutes) begins to play and continues to keep them calm, relaxed while minimizing any discomfort or pain.

1 - Intro Sample - Gary Barone Certified Hypnotist
2 - Sample Subliminal - Gary Barone

The complete kit ...                     Regular Price  $250.00!

Order your kit NOW and save 20% while supplies last ...  


LIMITED SUPPLY ... Call or email me NOW at:


Dental assistant kit.

Save 20%!  NOW ONLY      $199.00

Disposable Covers ...

The all important disposable ear phone covers provide the sanitation needed for each patient. 


100 (50 pairs), included in the kit.

Headphones ...

Tested and true, our kit comes complete with high quality over the ear headphones which includes micro SD memory, easy to use play buttons, wireless and rechargeable.

Other features may be included depending on the make and model supplied.

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