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Pre Talk ..

by Innes Simpson and Ted Robinson

The Simpson 

                 Protocol ..!

Until now most hynosis therapy has been conducted at the "Somnambulism" state or level which allows Hypnotist to help clients with a variety of issues such as Weight Management, Smoking Cessation, Stress and Anxiety Management, etc.


There are lower levels of trance such as the Esdaile state which was developed by a Dr. James Esdaile in the early to mid 1800’s but this state of euphoria historically was developed and  used for pain relief and surgical procedures.


This Scottish doctor working in British India is reported to have performed over 300 major operations using “mesmeric sleep” as the sole anesthetic and because of the work he performed, this state became know and is still know as the “Esdaile State.”


Unfortunately achieving a Mesmeric sleep was very time consuming, taking up to 12 days to induce a patient before an operation.  


While similar but not exactly like hypnosis the state or level of trance can be achieved with either method. 


Then after the advent of anesthetic medicines, the practice and interest in using Esdaile level of hypnosis fell from favour and was basically left unused after his retirement because of the time and effort it took to bring a patient to the Esdaile state. 


Additionally, a client in the Esdaile state although very much in control and aware of what is going on, are unable or unwilling to talk or communicate with the hypnotist therefore making it impossible for a hypnotist to knowingly guide a client towards a resolution of issues or concerns.


Then in the 1950’s Dave Elman developed a rapid induction method of hypnotising clients and bringing them quickly to the Esdaile state.


So one problem was solved … we could now hypnotise and guide clients quickly and effectively to the Esdaile state but it still had limited use because of the communication issues while in Esdaile.


And now Ines Simpson developed the “Simpson Protocol.”


With her protocol we are now able to take clients to the Esdaile state and beyond while still being able to communicate with them to conduct therapeutic or change work. 


We can now communicate directly with a clients “Super Conscious Mind” and direct it to release issues that are not in the client’s best interests and benefit.


With the “Simpson Protocol” we can guide you through everything from the removal of bad habits, the development of good habits to the resolution of issues and change work that can possitively impact your life!


A very powerful, effective and safe method of helping clients improve their lives!

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