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STOP Smoking Program

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"Stop Smoking" Program

  1. 1 Depending on your location and schedule, we start with a 30 minute telephone or face to face consultation.

  1. 2 Then we design, adapt and record 2 complete sessions for you (approx 30 minutes per session).

  1. 3 Next we send you the "Stop Smoking Kit" which includes all the equipment needed to properly listen to each session whenever and wherever you like and as often as you need to.

  • Each kit comes complete with:

    • 1 Pair of Wireless Headphones

    • 1 MicroSd card, installed

    • 2 full Stop Smoking sessions

    • 1 Subliminal Stop Smoking recording.

    • Complete program documentation

    • Ready to play ... you simply turn on the headphones and begin the process in your favorite chair or lying down!

  • (The headphones may have more features such as Bluetooth, etc. but for our purposes the microSD card slot and being wireless are most important).

Benefits ...

  • * Because of your desire to be a NON Smoker, you can become a NON Smoker after as little as one session.

  • * As you listen to the first and subsequent sessions you will find your urge to smoke weakens or simply disappears.

  • * As you continue to listen to one of the sessions each day for the next 30 days the act of smoking becomes a distant memory of just something you did or may have done in the past.

  • * Each hypnotic session is a peaceful meditative experience that also relieves stress, helps you sleep better and encourages a positive state of mind.

  • * The average smoker spends approx. $25,000 a year on cigarettes ... what will you do with your savings?

  • A "face to face", "one on one" hypnotic Stop Smoking program will normally require 2 to 3 sessions and cost between $400 and $600.

  • Travel time will vary depending on your location versus the hypnotists location.

  • ** Our program is only $199.00 


  • Done in the comfort of your own home at a time convenient to you and as often as you need.


  • Results vary from person to person depending on but not limited to your true desire to be a NON Smoker!

  • ** Less expensive, not because it's less of a program, the lower price simply reflects the reduced man hours required.

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