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"Watch out he's going to blow"


We all have a lot of stress in our lives ... at home, at work and it seems like there's just no escaping or controlling it.

Of course there is good stress and bad stress.  Certainly our friend here is suffering from, what I think we'll all agree, is "bad stress".  

We've all been there and unfortunately we'll all be there again so instead of giving yourself a heart attack or stroke why not learn how to put things into perspective.


That's right, manage your stress don't let it control you.  Simple for some, not so much for others.


Stress is, for the most part, created by one of two situations or conditions ...


  1. Situations within our control.

  2. Situations beyond our control.


Situations Within our Control:


  • Our actions

  • Our decisions

  • Our conduct


Situations Beyond our Control:


  • Actions of others

  • Decisions made by others

  • Conduct of others

  • The weather


Image various stressful situations that you've either found yourself in at some time in the past or that you can envision as possibly happening in the future.


For example:


  • Arguments with your phone company or cable company.

  • Dissatisfaction with your job or the amount of money you make.

  • Losing your job.

  • Disagreements with your spouse, children or family member.

  • Incidents while driving your car ... accident or road rage.


I'm sure you can think of many, many other examples but let's look at these and just see how we can deal with them more productively.


First categorize each .. "Within Your Control" or "Beyond Your Control".

Once an issue is categorized then answer the question what could I do to change the situation or outcome.


Keep in mind that some things beyond your control can still be influenced by you.  


For example let's say you lost your job.  The first question to ask yourself "is there anything you could have done to prevent the situation" ... could you have done a better job and therefore avoided this outcome.  


If you answer is yes I guess I could have done better at my job or not been late so often then move forward with that knowledge that in your next job you will do better or correct the issue that may have caused you to lose your job ... the key element is to review the situation at arms length, learn from it and move on.  If the answer is "no" there is nothing I could have done then simply move on to the task at hand of finding a new job.


Of course there would be stress related to a situation like losing your job but make it a manageable stress, learn from the situation and move forward with a positive attitude that this is really and opportunity to advance.


Concerns for the unknown or the future can also stress us out but again categorize the issue and act accordingly.


Getting to a point where your ability to manage stress becomes second nature can take some time and effort but thought, practice and effort can make a huge difference in your ability to deal with stress.


Hypnosis has helped thousands and thousands of people change the way they deal with stressful situations ... feel free to contact me for help to create and implement your good health habits through hypnosis.

Stress ...

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