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"Choose to Lose" ...

                                              a Weight Management Program

Have you ever wondered why you've struggled through a weight loss

program only to gain it all back.


Well here's why ... each diet program has a beginning and an end whereby you struggle through the process consciously denying yourself foods that you want.


You (temporally) lose weight but your habits, desires and emotional connections to food haven't changed ... you've simply suppressed them. 


All your habits, emotional triggers and desires that got you to a point of being overweight are still there ... just waiting to come back, stronger and more damaging than ever! 


And that's why over time you see all those pounds come back.


         Other Diet programs - Beginning to End

         Other Diet programs - After






To lose weight permanently we need to change our "relationship with" and change the way we "interact with food" both on a conscious and sub-conscious level.

To help you make permanent changes in your life I'm pleased to introduce our Choose to Lose Weight Management Program!

Understand that all our habits, wants and desires are developed and stored in our sub-conscious mind and that even though you consciously want to change ... permanent change only takes place when your conscious and sub-conscious minds share the same habits, wants and desires.


Our sub-conscious mind is by far the more powerful of the two ... and permanent changes only take place through our sub-conscious mind.


Our program is designed to do exactly that.  It's not a diet program, it's a "life style change" program. 


It's a program that allows you to develop new habits and make better choices so that you naturally and effortlessly achieve your ideal weight, safely and permanently.

Book your free consultation today and ask me how you can Save up to 80% on your Choose to Lose program!

Book your free consultation today and ask me how you can

Save up to 80% on your Choose to Lose program!


No More Diets ..!


Just better choices!


Bob W. 


Gary hypnotized me in June 2012 with the sole purpose of helping me with weight reduction.   At that time, I weighed about 215 pounds. In December 2012, I weighed in at 193 pounds, the weight I continue to maintain. 


I lost in the order of 22 pounds in about 6 months. During this time, I wasn't dieting per se, but rather watching portion size and what kinds of food I was eating. 


Hypnotism set me on a path to healthy and wise eating habits, for which I am grateful.



   215 lbs                                193 lbs

Libby C. 

Barring the last 2 years, I have spent my life fighting weight gain. 


Over these "off-again-gained back-again" years and with Type 1 and 2 Diabetes rampant in the family, I have learned what I should and should not eat, the quantity my metabolism can handle, the amount and type of exercise that my body requires to function at its best etc. etc. 


The problem has been that 50% of the time I would pay absolutely no attention to what I know!  


THEN 2 years ago I took part in one of your  group sessions.  We were all told to focus on what we each wanted to change -improve etc.


Three months later I was delighted in my weight loss and I was aware that I had been living the way I should - I was listening to the inner voice and EUREKA I was not arguing with it - I was agreeing with it.


Six more months passed.  I had lost the 15 lbs that needed to go and now I had lots of energy and it was then that I realized that this had worked ALMOST by itself  -  the only change in my effort to live a more healthy life was  my session with you Gary Barone.- well done!


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