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In business you are either "going forward or backwards" - there is no such thing as staying the same or holding your own!


And the only real way to go forward in business is to continue selling while continuing to develop a client attitude throughout your organization making every customer experience a quality, positive experience!


Sales Reps, Customer Service Reps and Support Staff who are in verbal or written contact with your Customers are people whose ability, selling awareness and selling skills are crucial to your success.


Sales Reps need finally honed selling skills - Customer Service Reps and Support Staff need people skills and an awareness of how they impact on the health and wealth of your company.


Every contact a Customer has with your company should be viewed as an opportunity to "get and keep" their business!


With Intellectual Selling Skills (ISS) we have programs that focus on improving the skill sets of each Sales person; Customer Service person and each of the Support Staff in your organization.


Sales Workshops - Customer Service Workshops - Support Staff Workshops - Coaching  


Custom designed for each organization from 4 hour sessions to 3 day programs.  Designed to meet your needs and budget.


So call or email today for your free consultation.


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How to increase sales  ... is the question that every salesperson, sales manager, sales executive and marketing executive has struggled with from the beginning of time!


How to increase profits ... is the question that every CFO and CEO has struggled with from the beginning of time!


It's a commonly accepted concept that increasing sales will increase profits so if more sales is the answer then what are you doing about it?
Of course there are other factors that affect profits however one undeniable truth is that without sales growth your organization will cease to exist!
Times are tough, sales methods and the way our clients buy have changed dramatically.  Have you been keeping up with those changes?
Our Intellectual Selling program brings you and your people forward to meet those challenges.
You'll see a dramatic difference in as little as one 4 hour session!


Call now - 905-333-3023
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