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Add Hypnosis to your plan for a Healthy Mind and Body!

Welcome to the first entry in my blog ...

Let's start with "how to choose a Hypnotist that suits your needs?"

Well the first thing I recommend is that whoever you choose is "certified" by a recognized organization like the "National Guild Of Hypnotists, International".

Although this is not the only credible organization, it is the largest and oldest that I'm aware of with members and chapters throughout the world.

The next consideration is rapport. After meeting or talking with a hypnotist, do you feel a connection.

Does he or she seem to understand what you want to accomplish? If you don't feel a connection you may want to meet with others before deciding.

Your thoughts - leave a comment?

I'd like to know what else you feel is important when choosing hypnosis and a hypnotist to help with your issue?

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