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It's the season for change ...

The thing about spring is that mother nature is doing most of the changing and we don't really have much to do to get ready for the summer season.

But fall is a whole different ball game.

You see in the fall we start packing things away geting ready for changes in the weather, shorter days and maybe hibernation or then again maybe your a winter person and have to get the skies, skates and snow machines ready.

Then when that first cool day comes along we start thinking of things like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

And during the first part of Sept we start thinking about things we planned on doing this year but never got around to it.

We're still carrying that extra tonnage that we were sure we'd finally get rid of this year, but didn't.

Smokers start thinking but having to stand out in the cold for just one more smoke.

And those of us who are generally stressed out, start worrying about all of the above and then some.

Of course, if you're like me you really like the fall. The cooler weather, bright fall days, changing of the leaves and even getting prepared for winter feels good.

What are you favorite things about fall..?

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